Julie Williams’ 

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Working with me encompasses a holistic approach to VO. I’m not just a “teacher” but a “coach.” This means I doesn’t just teach and critique you. I work with you, hand in hand, as your head cheerleader, and guide and direct you through the entire process of getting into, and excelling in the voice-over industry. I am your advocate.


Why take this Training?

VoiceOver Performance and Marketing

Learn Proven Voiceover Performance Techniques and how to promote yourself and your career. 



Become a

Medical Narration Specialist

Specialist curriculum geared tour your Medical Narration Specialist Certification.



Fast Tracking Training

Build VoiceOver Momentum by fast tracking your training. Imagine developing solid skills and professional demos to build your VoiceOver Momentum in 2023




What if you could fast track your voiceover training and be ready to launch by the end of the year?


Great demos are an essential part of every successful VO career. Let me show you how to create vocal ‘wow’ with the right techniques!


If you want to stand out and get more work, this is your chance.


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